If you've bought a course and it’s not showing up in the My Dashboard section of your Thinkific account, this article provides helpful, troubleshooting steps on how you might find it.

Did you receive an enrollment confirmation email?

Thinkific sends out a confirmation email whenever you enroll in a course. So, as an initial step, please ensure that you are logged into the same email account that is registered to your Thinkific account, and that you received an enrollment confirmation email for the course. Be sure to check your Junk mail folder if you don’t see the enrollment confirmation email in your inbox.

If you don’t see a confirmation email, this could indicate that you purchased the course while logged into Thinkific with a different email address (see below), or that the purchase was not completed. We also advise checking your banking information or your PayPal account to verify the purchase was processed.

Could you have multiple email accounts registered with us?

Occasionally students create more than one account by mistake. For example, a student might mistakenly create a second account with an email account that they do not regularly use. If you use multiple email accounts, try logging in with the associated email addresses.

If you discover that you have created more than one account by accident, and would like to merge the accounts, please contact us.

Was your email address entered correctly when you signed up?

If you're still having trouble, you may have entered your email address incorrectly when your first signed up for Udemy. For example, instead of entering “Jane@emailexample.com”, you might have typed “Jne” by mistake. As a result, our system would attempt sending your confirmation email to that address, instead of the correct one.

Double check to see that you received a confirmation email for your course purchase. If you did not receive an email with a receipt, please send a message to alex@swooshenglish.com and include your first and last name, and the title of the course that you're missing.

If you paid with a debit or credit card, please provide the last four digits on the card as well as the cardholder's name as it appears on the card. If you completed your purchase with PayPal, please provide the PayPal receipt including the transaction ID.